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I am going to be visiting Singapore in about 6 weeks time. I wish to purchase a new SLR camera with a zoom lens up to the power of 300. Should I purchae in Singapore or in New Zealand before I leave.

This is not the first SLR camera I have owned and I do alot of photography of animals in particular Labrador puppies which I breed. I am open to suggestions of other cameras of similar or better quality.

Any suggestions advice.

-- Bette Hanson (, May 13, 2002


Hi, In my own opinion, i would recommend you purchase your desired equipment here in Singapore. I think that the prices in NZ is significantly higher than that of Singapore, due probably to the 12.5% GST in NZ. As of present, the GST in Singapore is 3%. I am going to visit NZ in a week's time (hoping to have the opportunity of buy some cheap equipment)and was snooping around the NZ websites and found the above to be so.

If you decide to purchase them here, may i suggest you head down to Peninsula Plaza/Shopping Centre area. There are a couple of reliable specialised camera retailers there. Try perhaps The Camera Workshop and Cathay Photo (which has a branch in Marina). John 3:16 in Funan Centre (the adjacent building) is also good. I would advise you avoid the "touristy" shops along Orchard Road for they tend to be quite aggressive. Prices would probably be better from the shops mentioned above.

Hope the above helps. Wishing you a pleasant visit.

Regards, Terence

-- Terence Cheng Chai Kiet (, May 24, 2002.


You will have to check with the camera manufacturer regarding International Warranty first and probably consider the price as secondary.

If the camera gives way back home and you do not have International Warranty for the camera (be it the first year or extended), you will have a great deal of trouble (and $$$) sending it for service back to Singapore.

If the camera has International Warranty, buying from Singapore will be cheaper. Keep the receipts for the purchase because you can claim back the GST when you are returning home. This can be done at the Changi Airport itself and save some more $$$, ref:

Happy hunting!


-- Vuego Serph (, September 22, 2002.

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