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My one-yr old came in crying (never does this); I see a bit of blood and liquid draining from a wound on the paw. As far as I can tell it is between the toes. I soaked it in antibacterial soap and then the cat calmed down enough to lick himself (I know this is best and to keep it draining). Now he is in his chair with his chin propped on that paw.

My concern is copperhead bites. If it were a copperhead, it would be pretty large by now (easily been thirty minutes), wouldn't it and I know very painful? He allows me to touch it although he isn't happy about it.

Any old fashioned remedies that can be suggested? I have some antibiotic cream. BTW: I already called the Vet to be reassured. Their advice was to keep it draining if possible and watch for lots of swelling.


-- TD Matheny (, May 03, 2002


Hi, TD. Well, I don't have an old fashioned remedy, but see my post on rattlesnake bite & homeopathy. If it starts to swell, try the Apis Mellifica 30x. It's real possible you don't have any just hanging around...! But, if you ever get to a natural foods store that carries homeopathic remedies, it is a good one to have for swellings caused by animals or insects; Rhus Tox is another one to have for plant-caused rashes & itching (poison ivy, etc). Good luck to your kitty! debra in nm

-- debra in nm (, May 03, 2002.

TD around here we use a big shew of will draw the poison out. good luck Bob se,ks.

-- Bobco (, May 03, 2002.

Hi there, How about soaking a 4x4 guaze pad in witch hazel astringent and wrapping around kitty's foot for a little while (maybe 1/2 hr to 1 hr). Witch Hazel sure helps draw things out.... Might help..Good luck.

-- Debbie Long (, May 03, 2002.

We have copperheads here,but it almost sounds like an abcess.Cats get these alot...just keep it draining,and if it makes you feel better you can give him some antibiotics.

Hope it's an abcess and not a snake bite.

-- Johna (in central TX) (, May 03, 2002.

Thanks to all who answered. Here's the odd thing: my other cat was already in the house and appearing very lethargic (not meowing at all, which is VERY unlike him). I figured he ate something outside that didn't agree with him. So, when my "hurt" cat comes inside, he gets in the chair next to his brother, and I soak his paw. The hurt cat finally gets enough of this and goes upstairs. I then check on the first cat and believe it or not, he, also, has a swollen paw that is draining. I didn't see it the first time around because he had it by the pillow (and he is black). Here are two brothers each with a swollen paw, draining.I'm thinking snake.

Just to let you know: they are some better. Paws are still swollen but they ate cooked broccoli, their very favorite food treat, and seem to walk on the paw just a little bit now. Still lethargic, and it is quite tender when I touch each. I'll go for the homeopathy and tobacco (don't smoke, but just assume I should buy cigarettes to have on hand?).

Thanks again.

-- TD Matheny (, May 03, 2002.

I used to have a Doberman who was constantly getting snakebite. The rattlers sure liked him. Always in the paw. I just left him alone and he healed.

My Dobie/Dane got a snakebite that even the anti-venom shot couldn't help. The snake was a Mojave Green, the most poisonous of the Arizona rattlers. The vet said the anti-venom probably wouldn't help, but I wanted that magnificent dog to have a chance. What a terrible way to go.

They now have classes for dogs in Arizona. Maybe where you live, also. They teach the dogs snake stay away from them.

-- ~Rogo (, May 03, 2002.

TD, doesn't have to be a copperhead. Could be any number of non venomous snakes such as bull snakes, king snakes, or racers. Some of them do have poison but not fatal. If your cats were out together and found a snake, the first thing that they would do is extend their dominant paw to "test" it. And that's what gets bit on a cat when they encounter a snake. I've seen it happen but it was a small bull snake. Cat seemed to go straight up as if on springs and spent the next half hour licking its paw. It recovered OK and probably never again offered to shake hands with a snake. You didn't mention if it were their right or left paws. If both cats had the same paw bitten, then that is their dominant paw. (My own cat is left handed. I hope that your cats recover OK but the best way to prevent it from happening again is to keep them inside and not as a danger to small wildlife.


-- Martin Longseth (, May 04, 2002.

like Rogo my dobies were getting bit often in spring and summer but it usually meant the snake (mostly copperheads) was dead. since the snakes came into the yard alot often our first clue they had been bit was when they wouldn't come out from under the house for a couple of days. if their experience was like mine i don't blame them for going under the house to stay cool while they puked. on the plus side adult poisonous snakes rarely inject venom on the first defensive bite. so your cats should be alright, at least i hope so.

-- Pops (, May 05, 2002.

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