Wollensak 380mm Tele

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I was in the beginning stages of withdrawal, glad to see the site is back up!
Well, I am off in a few days to do 2 1/2 weeks in Utah/Arizona with me little Tachihara (and Mamiya, and 35, and enough stuff to require a pack mule!).
I am packing a Grandagon 90 and a Symmar 210, but I wanted something longer than my 12" of bellows would allow, to get up close & friendly with the hoodoos - so I recently purchased a nice old Wollensak 15" telephoto in an Alphax.
The shutter has just been CLA'd, so I'm not too concerned about that - but I was curious if anyone has had experience with such a beast on an ultra-light camera.
Am I asking for trouble?

-- Matt O. (mojo@moscow.com), May 01, 2002


I've used the 15" Tele-Raptar on my 4x5 Nagaoka, which is somewhat lighter than the Tachihara. It is just fine at infinity, but is too heavy to use cranked out for close-ups (you won't be able to get very close, anyhow -- maybe 8-10 feet). Have a wonderful trip.

-- Willhelmn (wmitch3400@hotmail.com), May 02, 2002.

I have a 15 to 40 X vari-powwer telescope. It is loose adn I cannot get it to focus, can anyone tell me where I can send it to have it rebuilt. I appreciate any help you can give me TX, HJR

-- Herman J. Robins (robinsbay@rivnet.net), June 10, 2002.

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