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Ok, what do I do for flies on the cows?

-- julie (, April 16, 2002


We use natural predator wasps. They don't sting,in fact you never really ever see them. You can scatter them in the manure piles or damp places where flies hatch out. This works very well, better than any spray ect.The wasps eat the fly larve. I will try to find the address of the place that handles them. I need to order soon for our cattle. Maybe your local county extension could direct you to some sources.

-- Marilyn in CO (, April 16, 2002.

Fly Predators® are very small members of the wasp family, but they do not sting or cause people any problems. They are nature's method of controlling pest fly populations. They attack the immature forms of pest flies where they breed, particularly in manure. And they are specific to flies, never attacking anything else.

Before one adopts a Fly Predator program, several things must be understood:

1. The program should be started early and conducted according to the instructions. 2. Don't expect 100 percent results. Nothing now known can give 100 percent fly control. The predators minimize the fly problem. They don't eliminate it. 3. Do not combine a predator program with indiscriminate pesticide spraying with insecticides. The chemicals will kill the Fly Predator, thus ruining the program. However, the use of repellents on the horses, the use of traps and baits, and the use of selective area spraying is encouraged.

-- BC (, April 16, 2002.

I found my source, Kunafin Insectary tele:800-832-1113, this is a company in Texas. Also Suppliers of Beneficial Organisms -

Yes, they don't get rid of every fly but they sure help alot. The cattle are not constantly swishing their tails and this is all we use as we are not allowed to use sprays, nor do we want to. Happy fly hunting!

-- Marilyn in CO (, April 16, 2002.

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