Looking for Sotz Barrel Stove or Kit

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Hello! Have been looking for a Sotz Barrel Stove or Kit for over a year now. Mine was stolen, and Sotz is no longer in business. Would appreciate any help you can give! Thanks!

-- Shelley Bakon (shelbydodge@yahoo.com), April 14, 2002


harbor frieght, northern tool, all carry stove kits,, dont know the brands

-- Stan (sopal@net-pert.com), April 14, 2002.

Vogelzang Barrel Stove, http://www.vogelzang.com/barrel_stoves.htm offers a barrel stove kit, don't know how it compares to the Sotz kit. If set on getting a Sotz, might check out ebay or place an ad for one on ebay or local thrifty nickel, many have a web presence.

-- BC (desertdweller44@yahoo.com), April 14, 2002.

Most national chain farm supply stores carry the barrel stove kits. However they often sell out at the beginning of the heating season and don't reorder a new supply. I don't know the brands of the kits, but there is a difference in the quality. Tractor Supply Company and Orscheln are just two such companies that carry them.

-- Notforprint (Not@thekeyboard.com), April 14, 2002.

The Sotz was an airtight kit and it works well. I bought 2 back in very early 1980's. The kits sold by Northern and others are not airtight and not comparable. I have only seen couple Sotz go at auction around here and they went cheap sold as shop heaters. Mine are still in good shape so I didnt bid. Just check junk stores and auction ads. Put ad in pennysaver type papers. I figure if mine ever does wear out, I think I can make one very simular. My big worry is when the optional Sotz auto draft thingy wears out. That autodraft is really nice and something I cant make myself. Wish I had a couple spares stashed.

-- HermitJohn (hermit@hilltop_homestead.zzn.com), April 14, 2002.

U lookin 4 a single or a double one??

-- Grizz workin near D.C. (southerneagle@yahoo.com), April 16, 2002.

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