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I am a parent at PS 87 and the Computer School, District 3. There are many groups working in this issue right now. The other people you heard at the City Council Hearing (besides Cynthia) were the Presidents of CPAC, Small Class Matters, and ACORN. CPAC (Chancellor Parents Advisory Committee) represent all Parents Association of NYC. Each District has a Presidents Council where PA presidents gather and discuss district wide issues. Presidents of each District's Presidents Council form the CPAC. Cecilia Blewer, a PS 163 parent, is the vice-president of CPAC. She is great. All the above organizations are part of AQE (Alliance for Quality Education) or AQE's allies. Cynthia is AQE's spokes person. Please take a look at AQE's site: http://www.allianceforqualityeducation.org/. I am actively involved with AQE and District 3 Presidents Council to get parents to participate. As you said we need action right now. Cheers! Val Mello (mother of a 2nd grader at PS 87, 6th grader at CS, 10th graders at Beacon High school and Bronx High school of Science.) PS 87 PA CS PA

-- Val Mello (wmello@earthlink.net), April 05, 2002

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