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Do the CEE standards cover a 600 hp motor? I'm trying to determine if a toshiba ODP 600 hp Mod # B6002VlG3BMH motor is considered premium efficiency.

-- Steve Herfert (, April 02, 2002


CEE's Premium Efficiency Motor Specification covers ODP and TEFC motors from 1 to 200 hp in size. Our Motors Committee is currently evaluating an expansion in coverage, including larger motors. NEMA Premium includes larger motors up to 500 hp. This does not exactly answer your question, but does provide a baseline of sorts (NEMA Premium levels for 500 hp are 96.2 for 6-pole and 4-pole motors and 95.8 for 2-pole motors) See for details. Obviously with larger and longer running motors it really pays (and saves) to compare efficiencies. Good luck.

-- Ted Jones, CEE (, April 02, 2002.

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