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Dear Parent Leaders, > >Pass this on to everyone you know!! Thank you, thank you Larry Wood, PS 9 >parent, for sending this list. Parents, grandparents and all concerned >citizens should start to write, call . Please share with all you work, >play, worship, and live with!!!!!! BEING HEARD IS CRITICAL, BECAUSE >IT SHOWS PARENTS ARE ORGANIZED AND CONCERNED, IF NOT DOWN RIGHT ANGRY AND >READY TO BECOME A POLITICAL FORCE TO BE RECKONED. WE NEED TO COMMUNICATE >THAT PARENTS WILL NOT TAKE THESE EDUCATIONAL BUDGET CUTS SITTING DOWN. >As per Larry Wood, and I agree!!!: > >Write to the list attached and appended. Written letters (even just two >sentences) are the best. REQUEST a written response and make follow -up >phone calls. Forget email, electeds get so much SPAM most have given up >on responding to >"real" email. > >cheers, >DJ >----- > >Clip-N-Save: How to Reach Your State & City Legislators > >Here's a handy guide to clip and keep for expressing your views in the >budget and legislative debates in Albany and City Hall. We'll only get >decent laws and adequate funding if everyone expresses their concerns >clearly, consistently and loudly. Here's the updated 3-2002 list: > >Use these contact numbers to reach your elected representatives. If you >need to find out who represents you, call the League of Women Voters at >212-213-5286. Or go to: NYPIRG's website at: >www.cmap.nypirg.org/webmaps/MyGovernmentNYC.htm >for contact information. > >Albany: >Governor George Pataki, >Executive Chamber, >State Capitol, Albany 12224. >Phone: 518-474-8390, Fax: 518-486-4466 >NYC Phone: 212-681-4580. Fax: 212-681-4643 > >Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, >Legislative Office Building, Room 932 >Albany 12248. >Phone: 518-455-3791, Fax: 518-455-5459 >NYC Phone: 212-312-1420. Fax: 212-385-6719. > >Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, >Legislative Office Building, Room 909 >Albany, 12247. >Phone: 518-455-3191, Fax: 518-455-2448. >Saratoga Spring's Phone: 518-583-1001. > >Call your State Senator in Albany via >State Capital switchboard at: 1 518-455-2800. >Local district office phone numbers of >NYS Senators representing the westside: >Eric Schneiderman-212-397-5913 or >David Paterson-212-961-8500 > >Call your State Assemblymember via >local switchboard at 212-312-1400 >or State Capital switchboard at 1-518-455-4100. >Local district office phone numbers of >NYS Assemblymembers representing the westside: >Scott Stringer-212-873-6368, >Ed Sullivan-212-866-3970 or >Keith Wright-212-866-5809. > >City Hall and City Council: > >Honorable Michael Bloomberg, >Mayor of the City of New York, >City Hall, New York, New York 10007 >Phone 212-788-3000, FAX: 212-788-9711 > >Honorable Gifford Miller, >Speaker, New York City Council >336 E 73rd Street, New York, New York 10021 >City hall phone 212-788-7210 FAX 212-788-7207 >district office phone 212-535-5554 > >You can reach your City Councilmember >through the City Hall switchboard: 212-788-7100 > >Local district office contact information of >NYC Councilmembers representing the westside: > >Gale Brewer, Councilmember, >2374 Broadway, New York, New York 10024 >Phone 212-873-0282 FAX-212-873-0279 > >Bill Perkins, Councilmember, >163 W 125th Street, New York, New York 10027 >Phone 212-662-6972 FAX-212-932-1130 > >Philip Reed, Councilmember, >101 East 116th Street, New York, New York 10029 >Phone 212-427-0700 FAX-427-7540 > >--- > >don't be silent, voice your thoughts! > > >---------- > >Larry Wood, organizer >Goddard Riverside Community Center >593 Columbus Ave, NY NY 10024 >phone: 212-873-6600 x204 >fax: 212-595-6498 >email: lwood@goddard.org > Work for Peace!

-- Danielle Fenton (daniellefe@aol.com), March 27, 2002

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