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I bought Illford Delta Professional 400 film for the first time. I have always used T-max film before but I wanted to try other films. Is there a difference in the way you process the film? With T-max 400 film I developed it at 70degree for 6 minutes inverting every 30 second. I will be using T-max liquid developer. I would truly appreciate any information I can get.

-- ruiko carll (, March 26, 2002


I've never tried that combination, but references are available on the web. "The Massive Dev Chart" at says that 6.5 minutes at 20 deg. C should do the trick for you.

-- Frank J. Schifano (, April 27, 2002.

Having used Ilfords Delta pro films for sometime now and various developers I have found that Ilford Ilfotec DDX is by far the best and worth using, I have a colleague who works for Ilford in the UK and he says T max will not give you the tonality that DDX will give. The Delta Pro emulsion needs a modern developer to take full advantage of this film. You can get more info at Regards

-- Aidy Neal (, November 18, 2002.

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