Wiring a complex reversing loop

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I am currently building a 13x8 HO layout with a figure-eight reversing section (image at www.rdavids.com/train). I have not a clue as to how to wire this section for normal block operation OR as I hope to do.. DCC..

If you would be so kind as to look at the graphic at the above URL and help me figure out a proper and safe wiring scheme I would appreciate it. The two turnouts on the left side of the layout would ALWAYS be set to route the trains straight. That is entrance to the interal cross section is via the RIGHT side turnouts ONLY.

Thank you for any help you are willing to provide. I have spent hours trying to find a similar situation on the WEB with no results.

-- Dave Sisemore (rdavids3@cox.net), March 25, 2002


Dave, I will give you a half an answer. Regardless of DC block control or DCC you have to isolate both rails at each end of the "X" in your figure 8 part. So on the diverging rails from each switch gap both rails.

Now for the half an answer. For DCC the wiring is easy if you use an auto reverser such as the MRC one, (similar function is available from autoreversing boosters, and other manufacturers accessories). You connect the "X" to the output of the auto-reverser and the input to the track bus for the rest of the layout.

I haven't got a good text description of how to do it with DC Block control. Sorry.


-- Dale Gloer (dale.gloer@sympatico.ca), March 26, 2002.

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