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My name is CoquieHughes. I am a young African-American female filmmaker from Chicago. I recently shot a 75 minute "work-in-progress" film about domestic violence as it relates to women who partner with women. It is called "If I Wuz Yo Gyrl". My film's website is I am in the process of shooting the "real version" scheduled for August 2002. My situation is, how do I go about finding resources or organizations who would support the awareness of domestic violence in same sex relationship who would also be interested in funding toward the final completion of my film the way it should be. The "work-in'progress" version has received positive feedbacks here in the chi-town...but I wanted to know who or how I can go about showcasing it to others who may be interested in helping me to complete it. Holla Back. Please. Thanks (smile)!

CoquieHughes - Writer, Producer & Director

-- Anonymous, March 23, 2002


I hope this is not too late. I am a graduate student here at Utah State University and am also currently working on my thesis which is about domestic violence in films. I am particularly interested in your version of the film. I work with Dr. Brenda Cooper who is one of the most prominent media critics in the field today. She is also an expert in women issues and gender studies. Well, we would love to hear from you and maybe we could discuss the subject in detail.


-- Anonymous, October 18, 2002

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