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I am a student of Women Healers in History trying to find info re: practices...chanting, breathing , whatever utilized by attendants, trained or otherwise during and after birth. Thank You...I need to have an audio portion of a presentation for my class Mon.... also experiential...I believe we will do some banding of each other in class with our scarves. Thanks

-- Bernice DeLorey (, March 22, 2002


Hi, I realize this is a bit late, I just stumbled across this site, have you read "Birth as an American Right of Passage"? I highly recommend it, also, bellydancing has been a way of preparing for birth forever! Women would trill (ululate) at the birth and if they hit just the right pitch the vibration would cause the woman to lose her pain, if only for a moment. It's pretty amazing.

-- Madelene P. (, July 27, 2002.

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