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Any one wanting to place complaint just type in webmaster@net- aganist, thats stan , the child idiot. And then contact the other forums and demand he be deleted every time he tries to post there. The idiot child is posting names as close to mine as he can, as soon as he posts my name correctly, I am going to file suit aganist him which will insure he gets to visit correction facilities for trademark infrindgements. In my opinion, his diapers are soiled and he can not change them himself. He is jealous of my popularity and takes it out on this forum, he is not man enough to come get in my face with it, so he strikes at less defensable targets. I have faced machine gun fire; does this little p___ ant think he has my attention??

-- mitch hearn (, March 14, 2002. ,, seems someone is getting s big head,, thats right mitch,, your so dam popular,, that the ONLY friends you can get is on the computer,,, no relatives want to get near you, your so dam good. (advice,, use SOAP when you shower). Oh,, by the way,, email, is NOT trademarked,, which mean ANYONE, can use your email addy,, DUHHH. You faceed machine guns?, got to see it up close before you lfunked out of basic huh? Invitation for you,, as soon as you scam enough money to get your van running,, come and see me, if you dont think "Im man enough"

-- Welp (, March 14, 2002

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