I need an early map of California while the goldrush was on

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Where were the gold mines? and where can i find a picture/map of them

-- Emily (fantasy_girl500@hotmail.com), March 11, 2002


Here's a URL for UCB's Earth Sciences and Map Room: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/EART/browse.html Choose to browse the digital collection for California maps. This brings up over 350 selections. Click on "modify" (you are modifying a built-in search). Enter "gold" (no quote marks) in the empty box. This searches the 350+ selections for those with "gold" in their titles. You'll get several selections for viewing and/or downloading.

-- bob bardell (bbardell@pacbell.net), March 13, 2002.

Try contacting the museum at the historical society in Sonora. They're in the heart of the Mother Lode and have an abundance of Gold Rush material: http://www.tchistory.org/

-- Linda Lou (wattybear@yahoo.com), September 03, 2002.

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