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I would like to know the full process to make liver mush,from killing the hog to eating the livermush.

-- Harold Samuel Shade Jr. (, March 09, 2002


Watched this one all day waiting for an answer. I've made just about everything possible from a hog except squeal stew but never heard of livermush. Come on people, this one has me stumped! And none of my farming kin have come through with the slightest clue.

-- Martin Longseth (, March 10, 2002.

Harold.. I think what you are asking about is a type of scrapple made with liver, pork trimmings and corn meal. I have made this on butchering day by boiling all the bones left over from cutting the pork in a cooker. Strain the bones and meat from the liquid, pick the meat off the bones, put the liquid, pork meat picked from the bones, the pigs liver or a portion of it, back in the cooker. Bring this to a boil and add corn meal to thicken it. Pour this semi liquid into hot jars and process like canned pork. Most people I know eat it fried like sausage. My Amish friends call this "Liverwurst"... I think it would taste much better without the liver. It is a somewhat geasey breakfast food but certianly stretches the bounty of the pig!

-- Ralph in N.E.Ohio (, March 10, 2002.

I've been looking for a recipe too, for a family cookbook. I found this on the web. Hope it's useful to both Harold and the "stumped".

Livermush Introduction This is a recipe for livermush which is only found in western North Carolina. Livermush is like liver pate but is more substantial since it has the cornmeal in it. The consistency is like very cold and brittle butter but grainy with cornmeal. Slice it thin and fry it until crispy or slice it thicker and heat it in the microwave. The dish is very different depending on how you fix it! Ingredients 1 fresh hog liver 1 1/2 lbs. fresh fat pork 2 c. cornmeal Red pepper Salt Black pepper Sage Directions Cook liver and fat pork until tender. Remove from broth the liver only and grind. Add corn meal, peppers, and sage to taste. Add enough of the broth to soften mixture. Cook in saucepan until meal has cooked, stirring constantly. Put in mold. Press down until cold.

-- Sharon (, April 19, 2002.

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