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The mental health service is policed by itself, psychiatry is the new religion and the word of a psychiatrist is taken as that of the word of god. Most "professionals" in the mental health service are from backgrounds of good social standing whilst many of the “clients” are not. Many supposed “diagnoses”, are not based on a persons medical needs, but stem from a deep rooted social prejudice and exist to deny people treatment (personality disorder). Psychiatrists have been hearing about abuse for years but, they have done nothing to make the public aware of the extent of it nor do they provide help for the victims.

Some of societies most disturbed and traumatised citizens, spend much of their life living in destitution and homelessness because, the medical services keep them there. Sick Mind Fraud

-- Bill Wade (, March 04, 2002


Bill, you're welcome to participate in my "Mental Health" forum in which I have already attempted to initiate a discussion of "Anti- psychiatrists" such as Thomas Szasz and Ronnie Laing.

-- Chris Sallis (, March 09, 2002.

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