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I've fostered a pit mix for 5 weeks. She's a wonderful, smart, playful, loving puppy approximately 14 weeks old. I also have a 5 year old Great Dane female. At this point, the puppy is very submissive to the bigger dog. What I'm reading about pit bulls and pit mixes is that I can't rely on the relationship that I see now between the 2 dogs to continue. Specifically, that when the puppy gets sexually mature, she may (or may not) become dog aggressive, and it may (or may not) be broad-based. The recommendation I've got is to NEVER leave the 2 dogs alone; one should always be crated or segregated when I'm not there to supervise. Thoughts? Comments? Experience? I'd appreciate some guidance. Thanks.

-- Barbara (, February 28, 2002


I have a wonderful male pit bull named Marvin. He was raised with 2 Italian Greyhounds which he would do anything for. He was completely fine with other dogs and never showed any kind of aggressive or dominant behavior for other dogs until he turned 8 months. All of a sudden he became completely dog aggressive. This behavior was not at all supported or tolerated, yet could not be broken. To this day, only those Italian Greyhounds remain his only friends. If your puppy is raised with your Dane and not seperated all the time( until you're absolutely sure the situation is going well) they will be "like family". The pit bull will almost think of it as its "property". Protecting it at all costs. The pit bull will surely adapt, make sure your Great Dane is prepared for this strong presence in its territory. I reccomend spaying or neutering both pets to avoid or prevent conflicts that arise from sexual energy. Hope this helps.

-- Sonia G. (STARSOFAZ@AOL.COM), March 24, 2002.

Similar to the previous answer, I too have a wonderful pit bull puppy (well she's about a year now). Anyway, from the time she was three months she was around a 5 year old male pit bull, an older chocolate lab, and this scruffy little mix who was blind and completely grumpy. Long story short, my pit adores all of these animals. They are her family. They are the only dogs that she does not bark at or show aggression to. For some reason my pit puppy does not like other dogs. She can hang at dog parks as long as the other dogs leave her alone. Socialize your pet as much as possible. Definitely spay or nueter your pet. But it is a wonderful thing to think that your dog has a friend in the house when you are not at home. Your dog is never alone. I leave everyday for work or school and my pit puppy and the 5 yr. old pit stay at home and I have never had a problem other than knocked over chairs from their rough housing. Know your dogs and you will know if you can trust them.

-- (, April 16, 2002.

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