Weather report: Amsterdam : LUSENET : AUSA March 2002 : One Thread

According to the extended forecast on, we can expect cold but mostly clear weather for the first weekend. Say what you want about the Arena (and there's plenty of negative things you can say), we're unlikely to get RAINED OUT the way so many games were rained out this weekend! That would, uh, suck... a bit....

-- Anonymous, February 23, 2002


Today Menno and I visited the Young Ajax vs. Young Cockroaches match at De Toekomst (1-1) and it was f***ing freezing! Not because of the temperature, but because of the wind chill factor. Man, what a wind. I also made a similar remark Jim made about The Arena: boy am I glad we're not playing in that cold De Meer nor that windy Olympic anymore...brrrrrr...

Besides: they never can forecast the weather for more than a few days. So maybe we have a sunny first weekend, or even better an entire sunny week. Who knows. But it can snow also. Hard to predict the weather early March.

-- Anonymous, February 23, 2002

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