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Please reply to this thread by posting your travel information. When are you arriving (date and time), by what airline and flight number? And same for your departure.

This will help us to coordinate our activities around your schedules.


-- Anonymous, February 20, 2002


hi Jim (and all fellow attendees),

I'll arriving at AMS on March 2nd, 10:00 am on USAir flight 42.

Departure (sob) on Mar 11th, USAir flight 43, at 3:00 pm.

All times Amsterdam time, of course.

-- Anonymous, February 20, 2002

I will be arriving several days early to visit with family I have in Holland and will stay a couple later to do the same.

My flight will arrive on February 26th at 0750 on Northwest # 34 from Seattle and will leave on March 14th on Northwest # 33 at 1430.

Jack Papegaay

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2002

I'll be arriving on March 2 but on train from Brussels in the early afternoon. My departure is open as I'm travelling in Europe and will move on from Amsterdam.

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2002

Here is the details for Ernest and Andy Booden's flights;

Northwest #36 from Washington/Dulles airport to Amsterdam leaving March 1 at 6:10pm - arriving March 2 at 7:45am

Northwest #35 from Amsterdam to Washington/Dulles airport leaving March 11 at 11:35am - arriving March 11 at 2:20pm

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2002

Hi everyone!!! Lillie's flights

Lillie2_1219@hotmail or Lillie_1219@hotmail.com

LV 01Mar. Toronto 16:54 US Airways # 3193V AR Philadelphia 18:17

LV 01March Philadelphia 20:30 US Airways # 42V AR 02Mar. Amsterdam 10:00

LV 11Mar Amsterdam 12:00 US Airways #43V AR Philadelphia 15:00

LV Philadelphia 21:40 US Airways #312V AR Toronto 23:19

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2002

My replies will in some instances be educated guesses. All my information is at home and I am freezing in Park City, Utah. I arrive on March 1, extra day for me, I am on Northwest 58 (?) Miami to Amsterdam direct arrive in the morning of the 1st. Depart the 11? (monday) Northwest again at approximately 10:00am.

-- Anonymous, February 23, 2002

Check out Mystery Bob - the sportsfan that he is, e-mailing from the Olympics and soon heading off to A'dam for the Classic & Amstel S/final...boy, I'm in full envy of you ! Be sure to share some good stories from your trip for us...

-- Anonymous, February 24, 2002

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