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Here is a scenerio. You own a Christian company that sells insurance policies. The last year has been very successful and sales are up. Right now you are planning for a end of the year celebration due to your companies success. You also are thinking about honoring your top sales man, how you are not sure of yet. This is a very high profile event that includes many backers and supporters from a very conservative background. Days before the event, your top sales man comes to office and shuts the door. Immediatly you can tell that he has something important to discuss. He asks you if he can invite his "partner" to the event. He says, "That in order for people to understand who he is they must understand that "Stephen" is part of his life. What do you do. Your company is based on biblical principles. You had no idea up until this point that your top sales person was a homosexual. By saying yes to this question you have the chance of causing an uproar amongst your conservative backers and supporters. If you can proved any ideas that would be great.

-- Kimberlee Harger (, February 18, 2002


I can't imagine why you think this is an appropriate question for this forum.

-- Hoochi mama (, August 02, 2002.

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