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Question: I want to know it I can wire in My MRC Power Station 8 to my new Atlas master DCC system, and it so can someone tell me how and the wiring plans for this. Thanks Dennis

-- Dennis Dwyer (, February 15, 2002


Response to DCC

By "Power Station 8", I assume you mean a conventional DC power pack.

If this is the case, then this kinda defeats the purpose of DCC! If you really want to use your MRC unit to still control trains using DC, you'll have to make a two-cab type arrangement using blocks and toggle switches. This is what DCC was meant to eliminate...

You can use the Power Station 8 AC terminals instead of the Atlas Generator to power the Atlas DCC system. However, make sure you meet the current requirements. The Atlas DCC system doesn't need a lot of power (I'm thinking 3A for some reason) but check to be sure. Not many power packs put out a full 3A. But you can use it for testing purposes until you can get a proper power supply.

-- Mark Lanctot (, June 03, 2002.

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