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I need some help. . . I am in the market for some new lights to shoot portraits. Most of my work is B/W, but I do shoot some color also. I want easy, light and good. I would rather over buy than under buy (I've fallen into that trap before).


-- jesse torrey (, February 13, 2002


I have been using White Lightning for some years now. I just purchased three 800's one had a modeling light that was inserted off center, they are sending me another and having fed ex pick up the other one. They are great for customer service and they have very easy to use lights. I would purchase the umbrellas and the stands thru B&H out of New York, I like JTL stands and portable background systems if you want something easy to put up with out alot of cost. Of course Bogen is the better choice but the cost is triple, I figure I will just replace them verses spending alot all at once after all things happen no matter what brand you buy. Have fun!

-- Martha Goldsmith (, August 13, 2002.

i'm using visatec units(monoblock) for many years, they are tough, reliable, consistent, lightweight, powerfull, never let me down, goes everywhere(indoor,outdoor).mainly i'm shooting on location, so i really know how this lights perform, and i;m living in tropical caountry (indonesia). you can't go wrong with visatec!! have a good shooting...

-- dono retardi (, September 09, 2002.

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