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Was looking at the new Nikon F55. I am a pure beginner. Looks like a reasonably priced Nikon with some features.

Any comments? Would appreciate the adivice.

A link to the F55 page :

-- Koh Kok Kwang (, February 05, 2002


if you have cash to spare, i would advise you to go for mid or top range nikon systems. nikon F55 is an entry level camera, if your photography interest substain, you will definitely upgrade.

Also, if possible, buy another Nikon lens to replace the one that comes with it. The one with the body is called D Lens, the very basic and very light.

hope this helps...

-- sanz (, February 05, 2002.

no better camera to start learning than an FM2. a used one would probably costs noting more than the F55.

-- joel (, February 07, 2002.

Please advise the berst buy price and dealer.

-- U Mya Thein (, April 12, 2002.

Kok Kwang

Agreed that a manual camera would help you learn a lot more about aperture/shutter speed. FM2 is a v.good camera and it is very reliable since it is built like a tank. Be assured that this camera can last you 20 years. The features are simple/basic but it is not an autofocus lens and do not have all those electronics that modern camera has. I like this camera because I can control everything like focusing, aperture, shutter speed, "snapping" the shot. Moreover, the camera would still work when the battery runs out since you advane the film by winding it manually. It may be slow (esp if you are a beginner like me)and the initial shots may be painful, but rest assured that the pain would bring out the best in your photos if you persevere. Another good thing about the fm2 is that it has a good resale value. Check out

But if you still want to go for an auto focus I suppose the f55 is acceptable but it does not have a "depth of field preview" button which I think is important for beginners. This button enables you to preview how sharp/blur the background is compared to a focused subject. Important for those portrait shots where you want to blur up the background. only the more expensive nikon camera have to this feature. (FM2 has this too!) New af nikon camera can be expensive. Why not get a second hand one? I got a Nikon F801s from the Camera Workshop for $500. I saw a F601 for about $375. My fm2 (which I got new) was $690.

-- Kong Jin (, April 16, 2002.

I would highly recommend an F55 to someone who is starting out. The convenience of auto-everything just like having a point and shoot but fully upgradable to serious amateur status by just changing the lens(get the great AF 50mmD). But it depends on your progress as a photographer. I got mine for a month and upgraded immediately to an F80 not because there's anything wrong with the F55 but just that I've "outgrown" it.

-- Badong Escubil (, December 17, 2002.

i just got the f55 and am a beginner also. i find it very easy to use and am having great fun with it. the auto focus is great help in my photos. taking sports shots while playing with the shutter shutter speed has helped me advance (a little. but i would also like to upgrade the lens as the 70-300 that came with the camrea is not great. does anyone know if you can get a new lens or even a larger lens for landscapes?

-- dermot fallon (, March 26, 2004.

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