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Ok, i've downloaded some movies from morpheus. I have this old ('99)Easy CD Creator Burning software. I'm wondering if i need to do anything special, or can i just burn a mpeg1 file to a cd-r in data format and it will show up as vcd. I downloaded a prog called VCD Easy but it doesnt seem to work.................... thanks -XS

-- Mark King (, January 30, 2002



MOre so of a contributing question to this one. I also have downloaded some movies. They are already in an mpeg1 format. I also got vcdeasy. I used it and it seemed to do what I wanted, but when I went to play the vcd in a player it played video , and not audio. but on the pc it plays fine. Any hints tipos anyone can offer. In answer to your question. I believe that they should be able to burn straight to dick if they are in the correct format. But vcdeasy should let you know if it is or isnt. Hope that helps.

-- Tim (, January 31, 2002.

VCD requires a special format on the CD-R and any burning software that knows how to make it will do everything you need. Easy CD Creator has a lot of defects, so you might not want to get too attached to it. Nero ( is a lot better. VCDeasy is fairly good, but it's really bitchy. Sometimes it works great, sometimes it has problems. At least it's free.

-- Jason (, January 31, 2002.

hi, I am new to all of this , but here is what I found. Please remember I have no clue as to what I am doing, just the results. Go to vcdhelp and click on all in one guide. Download virtual dub, tmpgec, and vcd easy. Follow the step to step guide exactly. Also be sure to have divx, both versions. I have been doing this for about a month and have been getting great movies that play on my daewoo dvd . It is awesome. Encoding is slow but I just set it up on computer and let it run. Forget about the other programs. Now get this. I am doing this with an ibm pentium at 166mhz, 30 gig hard drive. 64megs of ram. Pretty cool huh? This guide works great. Just be careful of what you download. Some of the stuff is garbage and not in any usable format. Stay with divx, dvd movies. Also if the movie comes in two parts , try and get both parts from same person. I am just a rookie , but let me know how you made out. steve

-- steve sikora (, March 15, 2002.

your computer sucks

-- (, April 02, 2002.

Ive tried everything mentioned above with loads of different software Nothing workes for me. - I know its not the dvd player because it plays other peoples. What ever i try i just get the error invalid disk. - Its not the writer either. Is there a simple to use program that will do it all for you (that works) - Ive tried everything mentioned above.

-- Ian Biddle (, April 06, 2002.

a vcd made from a pc program will only play in a dvd player when it is burnt onto a re writable disc

-- aaron murray (, April 07, 2002.

nti 2000 professional works well for me

-- sporty (, April 08, 2002.

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