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I have been assessing tools to monitor end-to-end application transaction response times, across the enterprise. I have found much information on other products, but the one that most interests me for my requirements is Candle's ETEWatch.

Does anyone have any experiences with this product (good or bad)that they could send on to me.?

It appears to be very flexible with regard to the platforms and architecture that your applications are using, and breaks the response times down to Desktop, Network, and Server times enabling each technology element to be reported/monitored seperately.

Thanks in advance for any information anyone can supply me.


-- Gavin Pomfret (, January 29, 2002


Hi, In a dutch magazine I found an article that states that Shell Information Technology International uses Etewatch on 120.000 workstations. Maybe you could ask them for info. Sincerly,

Chris V.

-- Chris Verdoorn (, April 19, 2004.

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