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I've tried to encode a 10 min DV file into mpeg with TmpEnc and Panasonic Mpeg decoder:

Panasonic told me it would take about 60 hours to finish (for a 10 min video!) so I stopped it. Also a message came up in needed more then 8 GB(!) for the file and my HD had not enough space.

Trying the same file with TmpEnc it would need 5+ hours to encode.

Is this normal? I used Ulead Video Studio 4SE before and it needed about 5 hours to encode half an hour movie but I was not happy with the quality. My Computer is a 1 Ghz AMD 256 RAM!

-- GERD WINTERFELD (, January 26, 2002


I use tmpenc and its slow but good. I think there are other converters out there that are faster, its just that I use it to convert pals to ntsc formats. And none of the others have done that for me. Try some others if your just converting into mpgs from normal formats

-- helpful man (, January 26, 2002.

Encoding with TMPGenc on a P3 1GHz will take from 5x to 20x the original program length, eg a one hour DV AVI file might take 5 to 20 hours to encode, depending on the features used. Using noise reduction, de-interlacing, and color correction all add to encoding times, as well as intended MPEG resolution markedly dfferent from the source resolution. The last is not really a factor when converting DV to MPEG-2 intended for DVD-authoring purposes because the resolutions are the same. It helps using Pentium platforms for TMPGenc because that's what it was optimized for. TMPGenc is THE ONLY free, realistic s/w way to get very high quality MPEGs at present; ALL other solutions are either VERY expensive (Heuris, Cinemacraft, and not that much faster), or quality is substandard (Ligos LSX (the one in ULead Video Studio), and the much-hyped Terran MediaCleaner), or both.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 27, 2002.

Ive used TMPenc a time or two.. actually well we wont say just how many times I have used it but we will just say Ive had a little experiance with it b4... On average it takes 6-8 hours per half a movie and an average movie is about 1.5 hours making it approx. 45 min per half movie. However the quality is very good i must say and having a rather large collection of movies that i have gotten from various err.... sources... I am very happy with my time invested in it. The secret is to never burn on your main computer... always know its going to take a while to create a good quality piece of media.

-- Me ( (, March 10, 2003.

oops sorry the above post also should have added ... I use TMPenc in conjunction with Nero burning rom on a 24x burner in an 850mhz Athlon with an 80Gb Hdd.

-- Me (, March 10, 2003.

i dont know exacly how you convert your films but when i use tmpenc it takes no longer than the lengh of the film i want converting ie 1X1 speedand i use a athlone 2200+ 1.8ghz processor and 128ddr the reason urs takes longer is because your converting sound and video with tmpenc. i use vdub to extract the sound and save it as a wav file then use tmpenc to convert my film and ad the wav sound back into the film as i go its easy realy and it saves well 2/3rds of the time which is a lot of time considering it takes u nearly 5 hours and it takes me 90 min using the same program so try my suggestion

-- mohammed khan (, February 14, 2004.

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