50mm 1.8 - Hard to find.

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I read a lot of good reviews about this lens. in fact i was so convinced to buy one, because of its positive reviews and frankly, the only lens i can afford right now. i actually search virtually all photo shops in orchard road, peninsula plaza and at cathay photo in marina including John 3:16 in Funan without any luck. does anyone know a shop where they have available stock? Thank you for any suggestions.

-- Ferdi RD. (ferdi_rd@yahoo.com), January 25, 2002


i saw several of them on auction at ebay, you might wanna try your luck there!

-- sanz (san2@bluemambo.com), February 13, 2002.

many many in Lucky Plaza. price from 170-200SG$

-- liong000 (liong000@hotmail.com), March 20, 2002.

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