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I only got to the beginning of the 3rd disc before i had to start over, so I'd really appreciate it if someone could please tell me what happens at the end.

-- Spawn_of_Piccolo (, January 24, 2002


well I'm pretty confused on this one, the endings kinda weird, what happens after you beat seph is you see holy stop meteor and then it goes to this scene from 200 hundred years later and you see red13 with two cubs looking over midgar which has since gone to ruins and is covered in vines. what I think happened was that humans were eliminated from the planet, I think it was red13's grandfather who said that holy would decide what stayed and that all life itself may just be wiped off...but it looks like it was just humans^_- or atleast, that was my take on it, personally i thought the ending was a little weak, ff7 is still my favorite,(I doubt after I'm finished w/ FFX but you never know) but ff9 is still my favorite ending....I have to finish 8 still:) hope that helps some!:)

-- xmewtwo150x aka aiko_citron etc. etc. (I have many names;) (, January 24, 2002.

You fight against Jenova. After that you fight with the Bizzaro Sephiroths. After that he slowly falls in defeat. But it's not over. You have to fight with Safer-Sephiroth now. I suggest(If you still have MPs, to use the summon materia: Knights of the round. I beat him with one use of that Materia at lvl. 76. It might differ on levels. Then you see Sephiroth get breaking up into particles and being sucked up into something. The there will be this scene with rocks falling in the crater. The highwind falls in the crater and you use that to get out. Cid pulls onto the emergency latch and uses the rocket boosters to get you out of the blue light thing...*sweatdrop*..then the scene with the comet comes on and it seems as if it is winning but then holy takes over with these green powers and then a 2 and a half second picture of Aerith/Aeris comes to picture. The credits roll. BUT DONT TURN IT OFF YET! get some food while you wait for it to roll(you know your hungry after all that fightin...^_^). and then a scene of RedXIII(I think it's him) runs along the canyon with two cute cubs. They stop at the edge of the cliff and overlook midgar, which is covere with vines and greenery. Birds fly by and that's it! It kind of sucked. I guess humans were wiped out as Spawn had mentioned. :[

-- Usagi (, March 02, 2002.

oops I meant "Mewtwo" had answered.

-- Usagi (, March 02, 2002.

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