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When we lived in Florida, we used to go to NC every fall to enjoy the leaves, etc. There is an orchard in or very near Balsam, NC called Barber Orchards. They sell applecake and apple muffins and apple turnovers. Their cake, and muffins are OUT of this world. I was wondering if anyone who had ever been there had a recipe similar to either of these 2 items. You would have had to taste them to see what I am talking about. Totally unlike any other I have tasted. YUM!!!

-- Mike & Marci (, January 23, 2002


I currently live in Union County... but just moved from Haywood County where Barber Orchards was located. The apple orchard itself is gone...sad to say another exclusive housing develoment & the people who built there are having a terrible time w/ the well water quality due to all the pesticides used in the past when the land was an orchard. The Barber Fruit Stand is still in the same location and sells out of the apple turnovers every Saturday morning in the fall. I've known people to fuss over a batch fresh from the ovens. Another good place for apple pies is the North Hominy Appple Festival located in Canton, NC (also Haywood County). I will look in my cookbooks that I have collected from churches in Haywood County....some of these same ladies are known to bake for Barber & N. Hominy. I miss the mountains so much...It's good to hear about them.

-- Heather Mathews (, January 25, 2002.

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