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welcome everyone!

-- lisa (sntacrz70@aol.com), January 14, 2002


Hi there, i was a dormie from 86-88 and i have a lot of great memories from those days. I was a metalhead then if you can remember me, jean jackets, afro hair etc,thank god there arent any surviving pics! just saying hi i'll check back later.my sister kelly was a dormie too and i hung out with john holyfield back then. your site is cool its nice to look back and feel good.

-- Earl Sinclair Ward (ej.sinclair@talk21.com), March 26, 2002.

I donít remember your name, however I saw the message on the web page you left about you hanging out with John Holyfield. I too know John. In fact, I just saw him at the Dallas reunion. He looks great. He lives in Seattle, WA. I didnít have a chance to get his information, but I left my info with him on his room phone. Hopefully he will contact me. John and I also saw each other years ago in Germany. His parents lived there and so did mine. We got together then and partied all night. Well Earl, maybe you remember meÖ.Debbie Salvo. I was in Torrejon from 81-87. I graduated in 88 in Tucson, AZ. I hung out with Cristina Gahan mostly. Also with Mike Indresano, Javier DeJesus, just to name a few.

Hope all is well,

Debbie Quintana (Salvo)

-- Debbie Quintana (Salvo) (quintanad@u.library.arizona.edu), July 29, 2002.

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