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Since being told I need to start wearing a leg brace I've searched unsucessfully for a mailing list where I could get some advice. I would like information on where I could find a list covering this topic, or even a response from individuals. My questions are more from the perspective of how others will perceive me with a brace than than of a clinical nature. Since time is running out I'd appreciate any advice as soon as possible.

please reply to

Thanks, Abby

-- Abby Stevens (, January 13, 2002


How will people view you? Well there are all kinds of people in the world and you will get every conceivable reaction - from "you poor baby" to "how are you doing with that?" It is your choice how you respond to them.

I was quite young when I wore a leg brace - 9 years old. I stayed in it for a year. Prior to that I was on crutches for two years. Neither of these slowed me down much. I played T-Ball while in the brace. I had two home runs one game - I suppose they may have helped me out a little but I did really push that ball out there.

I never considered I was different. However the elementary school wanted to put me in a special school probably because my classes were on the second floor. However, my mother didn't let them. "He can climb stairs", she said. And I did. Yes, it took me a little longer but I found a solution - I skipped a step. Mind you this was not normally allowed - safety first you know. But I got to because it allowed me to go about as fast as everyone else.

During High School I wore a cane and had a lift on one shoe. I remember someone 25 feet in front of me turning around and saying, "I knew that was you!" He could tell because the shoe with a lift makes a different sound that a shoe without one - so the pattern was quite unique.

I had a number of canes - there were some really cool ones to chose from. Several of them I gave away - piece of me to remember me by. I remember fondly one girl that I gave one to - makes me wonder what she is doing today.

You will do as much as you want to do. You will find ways. I was not allowed to let my left leg touch the ground yet I enjoyed myself.

All my best to you -

Steve Brown

-- steve brown (, April 20, 2002.

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