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I have been involved in researching SLA reporting tools. I am interested to find out if anyone has used Micromuse's Netcool suite for service level reporting. If so, I would like some feedback on the product. Thank you.

-- kim boesen (, January 10, 2002


Hi Kim:

SLA definition and measurement is non-trivial. For this you need to have Management tools collecting accurate data. To determine actual Service Levels, you cannot just look at your performance data alone. You have tools that are collecting Performance, Events, Helpdesk tools and other management solutions. Business centric Service Management requires an insight into all components of your infrastructure for an accurate evaluation. I suggest that you look up and our solution, NetGather.

NetGather leverages the data from your existing Management tools. It stores the data in a datawarehouse and allows you to define SLAs and provides integrated reporting. It not only measures your SLAs but warns of breach and possibilities of breach etc. It is a most comprehensive reporting solution with SLA capabilities.



-- Ravi Pindiproli (, February 13, 2002.

Just to add to the above, I forgot to mention one important aspect of NetGather. NetGather allows you to model your infrastructure such that you can determine your SLAs based on services or users/customers. This is one of the important features of NetGather. Reporting on nodes and components and SLAs based on devices does not help you determine how your services or customers/users are 'performing.'



-- Ravi Pindiproli (, February 19, 2002.

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