What to do of a day?

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Well, the question which faces us at the moment is: What to do for our one day retreat? Any answers coming through?

-- Anonymous, December 27, 2001


I have to confess I feel a bit guilty about this group. I keep trying to make meetings but work etc... usually puts paid to that. Anyway regarding a retreat day - I play hockey on a Saturday so wouldn't be able to make it at all on that. However, do keep me informed and I'll keep up with events on the notice board



-- Anonymous, December 27, 2001

Happy New Year everyone! I made a couple of phone calls and found the following: 1. Marienella don't have any retreats in Jan 2. The first 1 day reatreat run by Avila is on Feb 2nd and is a charismatic day of renewal (I know nothing - in a Spanish accent!) 3. I mentioned a Zen crowd - Cu pipe Zen - who do a one day seesion once a month - this month it's "On becoming a Nobody" (not the practise of listening - as it was last year) and is on Sunday 20th Jan. It runs from 10.30-4.30 and is structured as follows: 1/2 hr meditation 1/2 hr discussion of what has arisen during meditation more meditation, chanting, walking mediation lunch 1/2 hr meditation discussion 1/2 hr meditation open forum

that's just a rough idea of what's involved - if anyone is interested I can find out more - or ring Brendan on 831-5919

lemme know what you think Steph

-- Anonymous, January 08, 2002

Hi Folks, I'm sorry I missed the last get together, from Ray's account you had a good time. I'm sorry to say Saturdays are not great for me as I too play hockey (knee has recovered, started playing abit before schedule). Still interested, I think we have some 'free Saturdays' I have to get the dates. It's just an idea but could we give the retreat to ourselves? Just like the Friday evenings, if each person contributes some form of input? We generally don't have enough time on the Fridays, so could we 'minister' to ourselves?? (perhaps you've already dismissed this idea) Venues: what about the monastery in Sienna? St. C

-- Anonymous, January 08, 2002

As it is now Monday of the week running up to the retreat which we had been talking about I am going to have to make an executive decision about this and book us in somewhere. I will aim for somewhere in Dublin for ease of access and if I can't book us in on an organised retreat I will try to find a retreat director who just happens to be hanging around with nothing better to do but to lean against a lamp-post, have a smoke, think about life and wonder does anyone need his or her services this weather... In the event that I can't find one we are well capable of directing this ourselves, as Colette has bravely reminded us. Adios and have a nice day. Ray.

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2002

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