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So what was good about your holidays?

What was bad?

-- Denver doug (, December 26, 2001


Response to Holidays

I've pretty much answered that in detail in my Christmas entry, which is here. Hope we all have a wonderful 2002!

-- Becky (, December 26, 2001.

Response to Holidays

For Heather and me the good things that happened to us are legion, probably the main thing was that our daughter from Eugene and her family are here, they came in a day or two before Christmas and will be here until well after New Year's Day. There will be much visiting between brothers and sisters.

Every year heretofore Heather and I would go to Eugene for Christmas to be with her and her family or stay here in Denver celebrating Christmas with our other kids and longing to have her here. Among other good things were holding in our arms some great grandchildren. Somehow to me, a child of God, which those of us who are Christian believe we are, points up the fact the this season is a family thing to the max. Other people can feel as they wish - those are mine.

So the good things happening to us are mostly on the personal side. There are a few things outside of us happening that are good but woefully inadequate.

BAD? The pitiful world is still out there, bad as it ever was and apparently getting worse. Misguided megalomaniacs, some of whom seem to be active in our government and want what they do to have no way of reversal on oversight by any arm of government and above all want to keep everything secret, using the ploy that they only will do these things to non-citizens. I wonder, are we letting the head of the camel in our tent? How long can the violation of human rights keep on until this sort of thing be turned against ourselves, the citizenry of our United States?

To me it looks bad and possibly prone to get worse. The foul acts of terrorism are bad enough, but for our own people to try to scare us into letting rights, constitutional or human, be violated, is one of the biggest mistakes we have ever allowed to happen. I am thinking of the excuses for the grasping of power in Europe and how that turned out. Of course, these are my opinions. I do sincerely hope I am terribly wrong.

-- Denver doug (, December 27, 2001.

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