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I have been using an SL2 for a long time, but I am wondering recently if I should trade it in for an R6.2. Not that there is anything much lacking in the SL2, except maybe mirror pre-release, but I like the size of the R6.2 more and the TTL flash. Anyone done the same, or can someone please talk me out of this? Any input is much appreciated. Thanks.

-- Steven Fong (, November 29, 2001


I have the SL and love it so I am sure the SL2 will be better still. I had the R6.2 and couldn't get rid of it fast enough. Have you had a chance to use the R6.2? I suggest you get hold of one because it is a matter of personal opinion. Also with current bodies you can use new ROM lenses but you know that already.

-- ray tai (, November 29, 2001.

I had an SL2 which I sold in p.ex for an R6 and have always greatly regretted it. The viewfinder on the sl2 (in terms of ease of focusing - all the R's have more or less green v/fs...), the build quality and, importantly for me, the lack of delay on the shutter (how Salgado copes with that press - wait - take delay I don't know!) are all key reaons to stick with the sl2 - just look at the s/h prices (at least here in UK) of a really good cond sl2 - people know they're good. (Shame you can't use the new ROM zooms...I think that's what made me interested in an R6...)

-- stephen jones (, November 29, 2001.

Steven: don't sell the SL2, unless it's to me. The R6 doesn't have the Leica "feel", you'll miss the SL2 viewfinder, and there is a way to pre-release the SL2's mirror so that's not a valid reason for trading it. Read about the mirror pre-release trick at:

-- Douglas Herr (, November 29, 2001.

I had a series of SL2's on trial and ended up not buying any of them because the shutters all malfunctioned at the top speeds (1/500 and up) and was told by two different respected Leica repair people that they can be adjusted but the problem is in the design and will reappear. They said the SL is better...and definitely less expensive. Owning an SL and 2 R6.2's plus an R6 I can vouch for what everyone says re: the finder brightness and the build-quality of the SL being superior. However, the shutter in the R's is more consistently precise, the meter is much more sensitive (the SL2 in fairness is more so), it can be read in low light, and the R's are smaller and quieter. They can also accept a reasonably-sized motor winder or motor drive, interchangeable focusing screens and--most important for me--they have adjustable eyepiece diopters.

-- Jay (, November 29, 2001.


Keep the SL2! The SL and SL2 are built like tanks. The later R cameras are far less solidly constructed, and the R6 viewfinder is dimmer than the one in the SL2. If you need TTL flash, high shutter speeds, and autoexposure programs, I would recommend that you take a look at the R8. The R8 is superior in every way to the R6! :-)

-- Muhammad Chishty (, November 29, 2001.


If you do want to sell the SL2, Doug Herr and I are both interested in buying it! :-)

-- Muhammad Chishty (, November 29, 2001.

while cameras are simply tools to perform a job, to me they also have personalities and different camera's have different personalities. i currently own 8 camera's that get regular usage, and when i am in a rut a pick up a camera that has not been used in awhile and go out shooting and i am some how refreshed.used sl2's will always bring a great price used, so it will not cost you much to switch to an r6.2. i bought my r6.2 and then later picked up a mechanically perfect but well dented black sl for $230 based primarily on the review douglas herr gives on his website. i love both camera's and they both get a lot of usage, but they are different cameras. my r6.2 gives the impression that it will still be running 40 years from now just like m3's are still running. there are no chipsets or electrical components to go out and become obsolete. i also own an olympus om2n and they feel similar in my hand. the r6.2 works best with smaller and lighter lenses, and it's small size means that it is carried more often when traveling and space is at a premium. the sl is a larger camera, much like the minolta 9 which i own, and it fits my hand better and the match needle metering is in my opinion a better choice than the red dots of the r6.2. the meter on the r6.2 can be turned off and then there is nothing in the viewfinder to distract me from taking pictures. the sl works better with the larger lenses since it is heavier and larger and provides better balance. my shooting preference is smaller lighter and more nimble so right now my preference is to pick up a 180 f4 instead of the 180 f2.8 for my next lens. the bottom line is only you can detemine how many miles you have on your camera, and how much you want to bet it's future against some thing newer. you really cant go wrong in either case. while i am not genrally one to tell people to just go out and buy more equipment that they may not be able to afford, you might look for a good used r6.2 and trade down from the sl2 to the sl.

greg mason

-- greg mason (, November 29, 2001.

Thanks to all for your prompt response. Seems like I should keep the sl2, and maybe get an r6 later without sacrifising the sl2.

I am surprise that the r6 has shutter lag! I have not played with one extensively so I cannot verify that. Maybe others can confirm this.

Thanks Doug for that wonderful site and the trick to get pre-release from the sl2, neat.

Thanks again. Happy shooting.

-- Steven Fong (, November 29, 2001.

There are two cameras I'll never sell...SL/2 and M3. I bought them both brand new. A long time ago I made the mistake of trading a nearly new M2 for a Nikon Ft. I won't make that kind of mistake again.

-- Bud (, November 30, 2001.

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