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-- Terry Kearns (, November 28, 2001


Grady Falcons and Lady Falcons This year 2003 have been going very well for them Yesterday December 11 , 2003 the Lady Falcons played against Lafeyette Lafeyette - 19 Grady Girls - 47 We are hoping that the boys pull of a good win well we are praying for you guys The girls lost 2 games and the boys lost 1

-- (, December 12, 2003.

Subregion games.

-- in case you haven't gotten the schedule -- the girls' team plays on Tues. at 6pm vs. Decatur and the boys play Wed. at 4:30 vs. Holy Innocents'. If the boys win on Wed. they will play on Fri. at 8:30 vs. ? . Didn't find out what the girls' progression is but will let you know when I find out. Bye -- Sarah

-- Terry Kearns (, February 04, 2002.

Grady's varsity basketball teams lost two games to Pace on Saturday, January 12, 2002.

Boys: Pace 58- Grady 51

Girls: Pace 36 - Grady 31

The next Varsity games are at 6:00, Tuesday, January 15, @Holy Innocents

The next JV games are at 5:00, Wednesday, January 16 vs. Therrell at home.

-- Terry Kearns (, January 13, 2002.

Grady's varsity basketball teams lost both games to Paideia on Saturday, January 5, 2002.

Boys: Paideia 51 - Grady 49

Girls: Paideia 72 - Grady 42

The next games are at 5:30, Tuesday, January 8, @Crim

-- Terry Kearns (, January 06, 2002.

Grady's basetball teams sweep Carver on 12-14-01

Grady Girls 48 - Carver 44

Grady Boys 57 - Carver 51

-- Terry Kearns (, December 15, 2001.

The Grady basketball teams split with Holy Innocents tonight:

Grady Boys 70 Holy Innocents 60

Grady Girls 40 Holy Innocents 56

-- Terry Kearns (tk@tk-jk.nwt), December 11, 2001.

Hi basketball fans !! The booster club is hosting the Hospitality Room for the APS Holiday Basketball Tournament for the games to be held at Grady on December 19th and 20th, 2001. The Hospitality room is a space made available to the referrees, scorekeepers, and visiting coaches for refreshemnts and relaxation. The health classroom in the new Gym will be the location for the Hospitality Room. Volunteers are needed to bring food (hot or cold-- sandwiches, soups, veggie trays, beverages, etc.-- whatever you think hungry quests might enjoy) and to serve as hosts for the room (decorate, serve, clean up, make the visitors feel welcome at our "House") The food may be home-cooked, purchased, or you may want to ask your favorite hang-out or supermarket to donate a dish or tray. The food probably needs to be a quantity to feed approx. 20 people. Please call Sarah Chaffin 404.377.5487 or Christi Johnson 404.572.0571 (w) if you would like to contribute in some way. Thanks -- see you at the games !!

-- sarah chaffin (, December 08, 2001.

Grady began it's 2001-2002 Varsity basketball season tonight against Lovett. Grady lost both by one point.

Grady girls 23, Lovett 24

Grady boys 44, Lovett 45 in overtime.

The next Varsity game is on Friday, November 30, 5:30 at Southside. The Junior Varsity opens at home on Saturday, December 1, 10:30 at Grady against Harper/Archer.

We need basketball reporters who will at the least post the scores and perhaps post brief game reports. It will be a valuable service to the Grady community.

-- Terry Kearns (, November 28, 2001.

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