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hi all,

i know i haven't been to any meetings or events in a long time. my scout has been out of the picture for a while. but it's getting back together and i think y'all will be pretty impressed with the results. i'll tell you about the work in a second, but first:

I NEED a 2 Barrel EGR style intake manifold for a '78 345. i have a 2 barrel holley projection unit on the way, and i'd like to modify a different (not my original) intake, so i will only lose the scout as my daily driver for a day or a weekend or so...

ok, now the progress. blew up the msd playing out in the mud. they don't even have any idea what happened, but kragan in placerville had one in stock, so it was as simple as unscrewing it from the firewall, unplugging two leads and swapping it out. i shoulda stuck with the holley gold box huh! ;-)

the chassis got a facelift with all new brakes, front balljoints and tie rod ends. then i got the top back on last thursday (that's right, thanksgiving - making it the second IH thanksgiving at our household - last year it was the pertronix/msd/coil/wires/plugs work), and took a 10 hour trip up to central oregon to visit my folks and pick up a set of 31x10.50 mickey thompson baja claw radials. these tires rock! very nice on the freeway, burly offroad (as far as i've gone in the last week - which, granted, aint much!) one thing's for sure. i won't have to rent a trencher when it comes time to install any more sprinklers in the yard!!

the interior is the main focus of my recent renovations. i needed something to drive in the winter - my spring/summer/fall daily driver is a '96 dodge ram 1500 with a 4" drop, and 12" wide yokohamas out back. not a fan of the rain, unless you love gettin squirly at every stoplight, stopsign and curve in the road.

so the maserati seats have got to go. despite their historic significance in the former tow vehicle of multiple ferrari's and maserati's, they are falling apart and i've been told it will cost me upwards of $800 to repair and recover them with leather. and they're not that special. they will find a good home in my el camino. so as of right now i am scoping out some jaguar seats to replace them with. fully electric, onboard controls, AND - here's the kicker, they're heated and inexpensive for electric leather seats... i've got a set of heated mechanical jag xjs seats in my garage, but they really wouldn't do very well - as they are tall and would sit the driver down lower in order to clear the roof of the scout.

so the seats are getting swapped. second off is the dash. when i bought the rig, the previous owner threw in a milled aluminum dash intended to sit over the top of the fascia of the old dash, and use 6 classic autometer gauges (also provided by the p.o.). i set out to do the job myself, and ran into a host of problems with the combination of the new and old fascias, so i called up a pro. my dad. long time woodworker and insane car owner (he owns a vintage saab, 'nuff said.). so he agreed to make me a wood fascia to replace the old metal one that had the woodgrain paint on it. oh, he's making it out of fiddlback maple - the stuff violins are made out of. veeerrrrrry nice.

so i got the wiring loom done for the gauges themselves - all plug and play using existing gauge connectors. it's getting really close, the mechanical gauges are either in or hooked up ready to plug into their respective ports.

so the scout is making progress - next big thing is going to be the projection, then a front and rear reverse shackle setup.

drop me an email if you have an intake manifold!


-- Anonymous, November 27, 2001

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