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any MLPA member taking the time to surf to this forum has probably got opinions on what they would like to see in our new website. please post your opinions here.

-- Alan Perry (, November 23, 2001


Factual data on reported crimes via MSP. Our financial reports once approved by the Board - on at least a summary level members should be able to know how much money we have and where it comes/goes (unlike our City govt). A "frequent questions" area. Perhaps a "good neighbor" area the links to frequently sensitive areas such as zoning issues, tree removal, traffic speeds, parking issues, etc.

-- Norman McKay (, November 27, 2001.

I'm more interested in the impact of email on our neighborhood than on a website. It is email that will drive traffic to the site and also membership, in my opinion. So integration with database is essential to me. Also, a place on the home page where people can add their emails to join our list.

-- Jodi Mansbach (, November 30, 2001.

I agree on email. Some folks surf, but a lot of folks do email.

-- Terry Kearns (, November 30, 2001.

I'd like to mention some alternative goals for our site apart from the things we hear every day about the Internet.

First, we want to use the web to help the MLPA leadership conduct its business more efficiently and effectively. Our officers and committee folks devote a lot time to the community. They spend a great deal of that time communicating, documenting, and reporting to the Board itself. They have a particularly difficult time trying to communicate with the whole community. If we can use email and the website to help the MLPA officers, we'll be ahead of the game.

Second, we need to view our use of the web as a service to the community at large, for MLPA members and non-members, surfers and non- surfers. Here is one example, you can probably think of others:

My new neighbor hates the pine trees in his backyard and wants to remove them eventually. I told him that tree laws are strict and he'd better check them out. What I'd rather have said is, "If you're on the Internet, we have some good documentation and contacts on the tree ordinances, go to and click on "Trees." If he's not on the Internet, I'd like to say, "I just got a email that said our new tree page was up to date. I'll go the MLPA site tonight, print you out a copy and give it to you tomorrow."

In this case the website provided a service to the neighborhood and to the individual neighbor. Plus, I got the satisfaction of helping out and the pride of having a neighborhood association that provides such a valuable service.

This saved the board some time as well. I might have said, "I'll call somebody and find out for you." That initiates a string of phone calls, voice mails, and emails. It could be days before my neighbor actually talks with Dave. Then Dave will have to explain everything. If my neighbor had the information at hand from the web or a printout from the web, by the time he talks with Dave, they can probably have an informed discussion.

Even if he didn't like what the tree ordinance said, I think my new neighbor would be impressed. He might not even have known about MLPA but he does now.

-- Terry Kearns (, November 30, 2001.

The tree ordinance information is exactly the kind of static information that the MLPA could contribute to right now and have up and running virtually immediately.

This type of information (which would be of broad interest to intown residents in general, as well as Morningside residents) would probably be better served by having it on than a type site. I have much greater flexibility in the design and display of information.

-- Lisa Crowder (, November 30, 2001.

Email integration: What I think we're talking about is using our email list in concert with what we do on the website. One person should be the list-master for web email and other email. We're fortunate to have a list already. The website won't start with and may never have a mail list feature. But, managing our exiting list with a web based list server has some advantages.

It's worth considering the value of letting non-members join the list: former residents, our congressman, other neighbors, news folks. That may have more value to MLPA that keeping the news to memebers only.

Regarding the difficulty of communications: At the last meeting we authorized $5152.71 for the Newsletter. I don't know how many issues the pays for but it's almost 1/5 of what we made from the Tour. That doesn't even count the human cost of producing it. I don't propose eliminating the Newsletter, I just say it represents significant effort at communications. (Alan, thanks for posting the minutes. I didn't have to search my old emails to find them because I knew you had posted them in this forum.)

On door-to-door canvasing: Yes, send our best salesmen out able to make change and with credit card machines. Use the website to help sell and hand out cards with the URL.

-- Terry Kearns (, November 30, 2001.

I would like to see information about sidewalk repaving. I know that the MLPA has published this information in the newsletter before, but I never seem to have the information handy when I need it. If it's listed on the website, then it's always handy.

-- Deb O'Neal (, May 14, 2003.

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