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-The new web-site must be optimized for search engines. This isn't hard. I notice that the current site is not found by any of the major search engines when you search for "Morningside" or "Lenox Park".

-The new site has to be interesting. OK, let's not get carried away with a multi-$k graphics effort, but be honest, the current site isn't major in visual appeal.

-I think we should layout a proposed project schedule. I think that this is the next necessary step. At our meeting se mentioned having a design proposal ready for the next board meeting (high level proposal as to structure, initial content, development engine, futures, expected costs, necessary maintenance hours). Work back from that and that gives us the initial deadlines for preliminary input. We should also extrapolate forward and propose a deadline for comment after the board meeting.

-Remember that we want to encourage membership through the web-site. This starts with encouraging repeat visitors and then we lock in with members only benefit areas. We already discussed bulletin boards and mailing lists for home improvements, parents area (nanny and sitter exchange etc.), kids area (can leverage links to cut down on the amount of original content to manage). The key is to keep the content fluid and varied; static content does not draw the repeat traffic.

-Dreammaker seems like a great tool, but there must also be others worth considering. I've looked at several DreamTV sites and they all have a very similar look and feel. We want a bit or originality in the presentation of this site, not just a "me too".

-- Andrew Jacobs (, November 13, 2001


Zac suggested, in addition to accepting membership over the web, we allow folks to purchase tickets for our "Tour of Homes."

-- Terry Kearns (, November 13, 2001.

An idea: send very short, broadcast e-mails to members (and perhaps to non-members with a prompt/link to sign up) that simply list the major content additions, significant news, etc. and a link to the MLPA web site to promote immediate viewing.

Although the Board would have to weigh in & vote on this, I'd consider scaling back our fantastic newsletter to just 2/year (spring edition = promo for Celeb. of Summer and fall edition = promo for Tour of Homes). Why? Because 4/year is arguably an unsustainable effort to do on a timely basis. Summer and holiday times are tougher anyway. And, to free up resources/content creation effort etc. for the web site and associated broadcast e-mails.

-- Norman McKay (, November 27, 2001.

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