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Hello...I'm interested in completing a winter ascent of Mnt.Blanc on a moderate to intermediate difficulty route, in December of 2001. What is the weather typically like during this time of year? Which climbing routes are most appropriate during December? Which of these routes pose the least avallanche and crevasse dangers during the winter months?Also, how popular is climbing during this months? Do many climbers attempt Mt.Blanc during December...? Thank you

Sean Constine

-- Sean Constine (, November 08, 2001



We climbed Mont Blanc at the end of january several yaers ago! This was the first time I climbed anything in the Chamonix area. It was wonderfull. We took the lift up to the "station intermediaire", then crossed the "Bosson" glacier up to the "Grands mulets" hut where we spent the night. The next day we climbed up to the Valot for a pause, and then followed the "arete des bosses". We left the skis somewhere on the final arete, thus, didn't ski from the very top. The 4 of us were alone at the top. It was very cold but the weather was perfect. The climb must obviously be done depending on the conditions. When we did it, we didn't perceive any avalanche danger (the most exposed slopes beeing under the Valot and may be the ridge if there are corniches...). The way down was fun but the snow was quite crusted some times. Still a great ride from 4800m to 2300 (8000ft vertical drop). There are crvasses. One of us fell into one skiing down below the Valot and... got out (it was not very open but she was not a very experienced skier). How popular is it?? I do not know, all I can say is that we were alone for two days (doesn't seem very popular -which is good). I would think that December might be somewhat more hazardous than January (new, not stabilised, snow). Again it is all a question of conditions AND judgement.

Today is still technically December, if you havn't climb it yet, good luck if not, hope you had good time.

-- Tigrane Koutoudjian (, December 26, 2001.

I am planning on climbing Mt. Blanc sometime between January and March. Does anyone have more advice. What kind of equipment is required for this, how much time is necessary, etc. I am wondering because I live in Indiana, and I would like to know what sorts of equipment to bring with me to Europe.


-- Patrick Baumann (, December 02, 2002.

get your act together-it snows in winter;it is cold and windy in winter;avalanches happen any time of year;wind slab--what's that?!!! Go somewhere else and make a nuisance of yourself in a less dangerous place!!

-- john and susan hare (, June 22, 2003.

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