Just traded in my Nikon 8008s AF for a manual Nikon FM camera! :)

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Hi everyone, I got "rid" of my Nikon 8008s this morning for a fully manual camera the beautiful Nikon FM... Nice and fast focusing screen fairly bright. It compliments my own Nikon F camera which I got a few weeks ago. I think that the centerweighted metering is great although it would have been nice that spot metering is also an option too.

Cool beans. Leica is smart to keep a fully manual camera the R6.2 for those who suffer from battery failure. Now if only the Nikon FM-10 were not such a lousy plastic camera :) Nikon would still be in the race.

sincerely, Alfie

-- Alfie Wang (albert.wang@ibx.com), November 05, 2001


Well put there :) FM2n is a classic, now replaced by the FM3a at least which is an indeliable combination. I prefer the FM3a over the FM-10 personally :)


-- Alfie Wang (albert.wang@ibx.com), December 05, 2001.

hey there, the fm was a great camera in its day. i have an fm2n as a manuel backup to my f100 and 8008. just wanted to point out that repairs to the fm are hard to come by. doesnt the fm-fm2n just feel good in your hands? thay are great cameras. randy

-- randy ferrell (photogeek1@yahoo.com), December 04, 2001.

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