Is this a new site? I have not seen this before and will be glad to see what appears.

Anyway, I have been a Nikon user since 1965 and remain one today, with an interesting array of Nikons as well as Leica, Zorki, Pentacon, Graflex LF etc.

LAst interesting find: A russian MIR 35mm f2 for Nikon in a second hand camera stall in Shanghai-US$30. It is even sharper and brighter than my similar Nikkor 35 f2.

The best Nikon lens I have used so far is the 28-105 zoom. Great Macro capabilities as well as being as sharp as just about any prime I have-even the MIR. The 85 and 105s top it but the difference is only academic.


-- RICHARD ILOMAKI (, November 01, 2001


It's definitely a new site! :) I couldn't find a LUSENET discussion about Nikon cameras and I use the Nikon F FTN a lot! So basically it's time to discuss Nikon lens etc. etc.

I use Leica too as well. :)


-- Albert Wang (, November 02, 2001.

I guess that I must be a FM2 user. It reminds me of the Leica R6.2. Fully manual with only batteries to power the meter... I prefer simplicity and that's all I demand :)

Of course, I have to develop some fabulous engagement photos now :)

-- Alfie Wang (, November 05, 2001.

Hi there,

Tested the loading of my Nikon FM last night and it turned out rather well indeed :)... I am using Tri-X which is used for my black and white photojournalist pictures... of course T-Max is full of details but sometimes too contrasty for my liking since there isn't a softness which is good for classic looking shots.

Apart from all that I guess that I'm working on trying to perfect using the Nikon in addition to my leicaflex (which I haven't used in a month so far because of its relative weight) which I will be duking out later on :)

Alfie :)

-- Alfie Wang (, November 06, 2001.


I recognize you from the Tony [Leica] site. If you remember, I use both an M3 and an M6.

To start things off, my favorite camera body is the FE2 [this is a personal choice and not a statement of superiority]. The best 35 mm lens that I have used [Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Leica] is the 105 mm f/2.5. I have thought of getting an F5, but then I like the FE2 so much, I might just get another one. I am not fond of the FM2 [I prefer the analogue readout]. I have 16 prime Nikons, and they all work really well. Some are different from the Leica lenses at the same focal length, but still work well.

I use medium or large format when I want to enlarge beyond 11 x 14.


-- Art (, November 02, 2001.

Art et al:

I favour the FM as I can not easily see the analogue readout on the side under less than brilliant conditions. The FM3a is so nice & smooth and teh AE is so good I can't not use it too. I also use LF for some prints, but still Nikon. I have 2 Nikon lenses- 120mm & 300 mm for my 4x5 & 8x10. There is nothing, even from a Leica with Summis at 8x10 that can compare with an 8x10 contact print, except of course an 11x14 or 12 x 20 contact print.

Since I don't have a horse drawn wagon to carry gear in thru the streets of Singapore or Xian China, I will stick to the FM3a and Leica. Someday I will take the Graflex to Shanghai and see what happens in the streets.

Well, the sky has just begun to brighten a bit here in Singapore in the (another) rainy season, so out to shoot.


-- RICHARD ILOMAKI (, November 02, 2001.

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