Overly Grainy Negatives. What happened?

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Hello there. I developed two rolls of HP5 today with HC110 developer using dilution B. I developed according to recommended times, temperature and agitation. Both rolls done in separate tanks both came out overly grainy and I have no idea what happened. The chemicals were mixed today as well. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Sincerely, Gabe Sachs. I can be emailed at egabe@earthli

-- Gabe Sachs (egabe@earthlink.net), October 31, 2001


I have no experience with either HP5 or HC110, but I don't imagine that is relevant. I've had similar results with other films. All I can tell you is that often the recommended times are excessive, as is the film speed. You might be better off using a shorter development time. Excessive grain can also result from temperature fall off during the development or washing process. I used to wash my film at any temperature - that can "fracture" the grain. Now I maintain everything at 68 degrees - even my washing process. I hope this helps.

Philip Tilton

-- philip tilton (philip.tilton@maslon.com), August 19, 2002.

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