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Here's something new. Web hosting. This is a web animal dying to be used. If you build a web page, the files are stored on a server somewhere in the world. Brunet used to provide free storage for a webpage less than 2mb in size. But generally, as web pages tend to go beyond 2Mb, providing free storage service is just not economically feasible. This is where web hosting companies come in. Big companies such as bbc usually have their own servers, while SMEs tend to host their e-commerce webpage on a hosting providers. Web host providers have a pool of servers which are shared among a few users, for a fee. A basic hosting may cost about Us$10 to register and US$4 per month. Hosting cost may go up to a few hundred Us$ per month!

But basically, the more expensive you offer your service, the more specific will be the customer on other facilities such as backup services, etc. This means you have to be technically capable and adept. Big companies that can afford it simply keep their own web servers. Target the Smes and the start up companies. Charge them a basic $5-$10 per month , and watch the number grow. Brunei's e-commerce and web companies are probable set to explode in the next 2-3 years!

-- Anonymous, October 26, 2001

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