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I would like to hear any opinion on Yashica FX3.secondly wat r the type of lens that r compatible with this camera. thank u.

-- hafiz (, October 19, 2001


If you want to do a pure manual SLR photography, yes it's worth to buy one! My first SLR is an FX3, and I am still using it now together with my Nikon F3 and Nikon F70.

If you're a beginner, you can buy yashica or vivitar lens for the FX3, but if you are a professional, you can put Contax lens (which price is more-more-more expensive than the FX3 itself!)

-- Kariage (, December 17, 2001.

I'm looking for a used unit as my beloved has died. Anybody?

-- (, May 17, 2002.

You can try to buy one on ebay. I just did for $87 (body + 3 lenses + and shipping) and I was pretty lucky. Tora

-- Tora Mudadu (, January 25, 2003.

I've had my Yashica FX3 Super 2000 for close to 4 years. I was able to purchase it used, with a Carl Zeiss 35mm f2.8 Distagon lens for around $285. The spot metering is accurately fantastic. The body is light and well build. The light weight is especially important if you are shooting at a fast rate while running or paning the subject. The electronic meter comes in very handy in dark situation, when one may not be able to see a needle clearly. It always accompanies my Minolta XE-7, as I have an adaptall lens from Tamron (separate adapters for minolta and contax/yashica mount). Verdict? Go for it. Yashica has great lenses, but if you have the means to put a Contax lens on there, there's no better feeling camera. Cheers.

-- Vincent U. (, March 30, 2003.

I bought My FX-3 as I wanted a full-manual camera to teach my kids.Wrong-no interest. I still have it with Rokinon f24 wide, and a Soligar 80-200 f4.5 tele. The leatherette is shot as in all FX-3's, but the camera works well. What's it worth in the market? I've seen anywhere from $25-$200.

-- John Benson (, November 19, 2003.

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