Eos 88/nikon FM2 Is it good or bad?

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hi, I would like any review on eos 88. Is it a good camera to start with. If not, why? I would like to get a nikon FM2. Do you think it is advisable to get that camera as i like to experience a manual camera and i get to know that FM2 is a roughed camera to work with.

-- Hafiz (feas80@hotmail.com), October 19, 2001


Then you're probably wrong. Don't always believe what you hear until you actually try it out yourself. FM2 is one of the best classic cameras which I've used. It's highly acclaimed honey-comb shutters made it one of the toughest manual camera to date.Not to mention simple to use as well.

Try 4 your self

-- PPK (ed_sign@yahoo.com), April 05, 2002.

got an eos 88 its a great camera for the price there is a malaysian website that shows you how to maximise the use of it. also there are reviews on both cameras on the net. its a good beginner as it is easy to pickup and not too expensive unless u already am sure to stick in this then you should get a better camera that has E-TTL the only feature lacking in eos 88 btw it is known as eos 3000 in some countries. another thing I wish i cld have was IR film usage with this camera

-- kevin lam (slaam@lycosasia.com), April 15, 2002.

for two years i've dreamed to buy an fm 2. Yesterday i've got one. i hope it will die with me. cause it has perfect light measuring and the strongest body for such a price. no need to hesitate. fm 2 is the best choice

-- mehmet mehmet (tiltup2000@yahoo.com), March 18, 2003.

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