I have a CORN question...

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I apologize if this sounds strange, but my son has a school project that we need help with.

He has to find out how many kernels are on an ear of corn?

Does anyone know?

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2001


Wow! That is a mean question for a teacher to ask. It is also one that you can't get wrong :) It is the same type of question as asking , "how many hairs are on a human head".

Basically, that number is extremely variable. It is going to be dependant on the variety, the seasonal variables, and the growing conditions.

I would buy ten ears of corn (all of the same variety), count the number of rows (around the circumference), and multiply by the kernals in a row (the length). Do this for the ten, average them, and there is as good of an answer as any.

Hope that this helps.


-- Anonymous, October 12, 2001

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