91 200tq

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hi, ive just recently purchased a 20v 200 with afew minor probs.while i am a body tech not a mechanic i still try to fix anything i can on my own,any how my first problem is the brake pad light in my insturment cluster will not go out the brake pads look like there are hardly any miles on them. ive tried diconnecting the sensors at the pads and then touching them to see if it was a wire corroded ,then tried to disconnect the sensor wires at master cylynder and the light still wont go out.my next problem is the stereo makes popping noises when the heat is on,and i've diconnected the back speakers. i havent even started looking there yet.also my thermastat switches dont all work when they should i hit the defrost then economy,or bilevel ,just to get it to shut off ,in otherwords i have to hit every button befor i could get the thing to shut off.finally the rear windows do not work at all they are stuck closed where could i start looking for the problem there? if you could please help me find some possible solutions iwould really appriciate it,thank you vinnie.

-- vincenzo basile (Bleaf1@peoplepc.com), October 06, 2001

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