"Bos have died and the worms have eaten them, but not for love"

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Just an interesting thing I discovered today...

Some of you may have picked up my bo this year and thought : "Why does Hannah have a bo that weighs as little as a toothpick? What freakish tree did this wood come from?" I've wondered that myself for over a month. I stored my bo this summer in a leaky, moldy, warehouse along with all the rest of my college stuff. When I brought it back to "Maggie" (I live in Margaret Amini Schol Hall)I thought it felt a bit lighter than usual. It was also unevenly weighted. I tried off and on this year to remember if my bo had been that light last year. I couldn't figure it out, so I just ignored it.

Until tonight.

(Ominous music sounds)

I noticed lots of tiny holes bored into the bo. Hmmm. And then I noticed how hollow my bo sounded when I tapped it. Now, maybe I am just being paranoid, tricking myself into thinking that the innards of my bo have been gnawed out by insects. I don't know. But I think it's a much better explanation than some others I could give.

Why did I put all this on this site? Why exactly should you care about the state of my bo? Well, quite frankly I couldn't resist misquoting Shakespeare.

-Hannah, having fun butchering the monuments of literature on a Sunday night

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2001

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