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Can some tell me a VJ65 sony's discman which is a vcd player can play a CD that contains MP3 file(audio)?

-- Sudhir (, September 19, 2001


MP3 playing capabilities on normal VCD/CD are still seldom so much so that if they do play MP3 they make it a big point with "MP3" emblazoned all over the box it came in and on the unit itself. Manufacturers are now aware MP3 is a selling point (possibly even a major one) they will NOT be quiet about the MP3 capabilities of their products. You can take it then if that Sony doesn't have these indications on that Discman it doesn't play MP3. Sony, for one, is caught in a bind over MP3 for two reasons: first it sees MP3 as abetting piracy (serious point since Sony has its own music labels), and second MP3 undermines all that ATRAC and MiniDisc are supposed to be about. Sony has a new version of ATRAC that is supposed to pack 5 hours of music onto a MiniDisc but MP3 continues to bulldoze. The ONLY product that Sony has (grudgingly) put MP3 playing capabilities in is one model of car stereo, and only in USA and japan.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, September 20, 2001.

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